What to consider when borrowing a loan?


Considerations for raising loans

When you need to take out a loan , there are a number of considerations that you should do. The time and the considerations that you should make yourself can be really good in the end.

1. Choice of loan provider

The loan market has in recent years become a bit of a jungle to find around, and can be difficult to get the big overview over. This is because a large number of providers of loans on the Internet have come on top of all the traditional banks and savings banks that we have known for many years. In addition, there are many types of loans that can be difficult to separate.

Overall, you should visit the selected loan providers’ website, surf a little around the page and examine what the provider in question can offer. It can sometimes give some indications whether it is a loan provider that you will be able to identify with. In this connection, you can also search on Trustpilot, how borrowers can arrange various loan providers.

2. What should the loan be used for

Image result for What to consider when borrowing a loanFirst, it is important to determine what the purpose of the loan is. It is crucial for what type of loan you should choose and also which loan provider you should choose. If it is a matter of buying a new car, then it must be a provider, for example. will be able to offer you a longer term. If, on the other hand, there is a small loan for the purchase of a new TV, then the committee is somewhat larger, since the vast majority of providers offer this type of private loan .

3. The payback period

Besides purposes, you should also make some considerations about repayment before applying for a loan. Make yourself some considerations about how much your budget allows you to sit for a month. It can also be calculated by determining how long a period over which the loan is to be repaid.

4. What it costs to borrow

You should also make some considerations about what the loan will cost. You should therefore examine the interest rate on the individual loans. This is typically done by visiting the individual loan providers’ website. Interest rates on the individual types of loans will be listed here. Most providers have a loan calculator that can help you create an overview. In this context, you should also examine what fees are incurred when borrowing a loan from the individual loan providers. There may be a big difference between the fees and they can be called different things.

5. Check the APR

In this regard, you will certainly encounter the term APR, which is an abbreviation of Annual Cost in Percentage. APR is an important key figure and the annual percentage cost shows you what it costs to have a loan including interest and costs. All costs incurred in connection with the creation and during the term of the loan are recognized, and account is taken of when interest and repayments are to be paid. The AOP allows you to quickly see which loan is the cheapest for you when comparing offers from different loan providers. APR must always be informed when you receive a loan offer.

You should therefore obtain loan offers from various loan providers. Then you can compare the various loan terms, including whether it is possible for you to redeem the loan before time, and if so, what it may be. will cost you to redeem the loan ahead of time. By getting more loan offers you will, as mentioned, also easily and quickly be able to choose the cheapest loan by comparing the APR.


Self-reported loan – Loans without information

What is a self-report?

If you want to take out a loan from a bank, this requires a self-assessment by the applicant. In this self-report, the applicant of the loan discloses his personal, financial circumstances. The bank thus gets a detailed overview of the economic conditions of its customer.


Image result for Self-reported loan

Information about employment, income, marital status, number of children, amount of rent and other existing obligations are part of this disclosure. The bank wants to keep their default risk as low as possible.

Prerequisites for lending with self-disclosure

This confidential information is designed to ensure that the borrower does not get into trouble repaying his loan. Of course, the bank wants to minimize its default risk as much as possible.

The self-report first requires detailed information on marital status and dependent family members. What is the family income and is it enough to take on new, additional credit in addition to the existing obligations?

Property such as real estate can be used to hedge the loan.

Loans at the bank you get only with a self-report. Why this is so and there are exceptions, only a few know. But are credits without self-disclosure and Porthos also always serious ?

A loan without self-assessment: what should be considered?

Many credit seekers shy away from disclosing their financial circumstances for a variety of reasons. But are there any providers who do not demand self-disclosure or information on Porthos information about reputable providers?

Basically, therefore, a loan without disclosure of its economic conditions to get.
On the Internet, the searcher encounters an almost infinite number of providers and daily new providers are added. It is in any case caution and an accurate and careful examination of the offers and the provider is definitely advisable.

Nevertheless, such financing offers specific features and advantages. If no Porthosauskunft is required, no entry can be made afterwards. But you definitely have to expect a higher return. As a rule of thumb, the better the collateral you offer, the lower the interest rate will be. Endowment and disability insurance can be used as collateral for this purpose.

The higher the income of the borrower the lower the risk of the lender.

Dubious providers often attract customers with a supposedly low interest rate.
High processing fees – which are often payable in advance – often make these supposedly cheap offers much more expensive .

Loans without questions and information?

But even with loans from the Internet, questions are asked which the borrower has to answer correctly.
Without information no one gets money , not even via lenders on the Internet. This information is also checked, correct information is essential in any case.

The higher the lender assesses the risk, the higher the interest rate will be.
If sufficient collateral is available, lending is in the way.

A real alternative is the so-called P2P credit. This is a contract model from private individual to private person. On the one hand, a distinction is made between lending to persons who know each other and the social aspect is in the foreground .

However, there is now also the possibility of lending private individuals to small business owners who often do not get credit from the bank. Suppliers and searchers can be found on corresponding online portals . Even Stiftung Warentest recognizes this financing option as a real alternative for private individuals.

Tips on credit without self-disclosure

Exactly consider whether really no self-information should be given

Anyone looking for a loan without self-disclosure, usually for some reason. Often, due to low income or negative Porthos entries, it is feared that no loan will be granted anyway. But that is not necessarily the case. There are certainly providers who, despite existing Porthos entries grant a loan or help with a rescheduling.

Also a rather low salary does not have to be a reason for the rejection of a loan. Nevertheless, especially private lenders often grant loans here. However, such providers must first be checked for seriousness and security. Therefore, interested parties should first consider carefully whether they would like to agree to a self-disclosure, so as to possibly get a loan from a larger bank with fair conditions.

Loan providers can usually do this self-report with a few documents, and it usually takes little time to get the info about a rejection or acceptance of the loan request.

However, there can always be reasons why a self-report is ultimately not made. After all, if you can not find a suitable loan despite self-disclosure, you should look for a loan that does not require self-disclosure. However, this decision should really be carefully considered as it may affect the credit line, interest rates and flexibility of installment payments.

Looking for loans for the self-employed

For self-employed, the application for a loan with self-disclosure can be a problem. Because a regular salary statement, such as employees and officials, for example, have self-employed usually not. However, this is required at many banks. In most cases, the last two salary statements, including bank statements, must be submitted to obtain a self-assessment loan.

Although the bank statements can prove in parts whether the self-employed can repay the loan reliable, but that is not enough many German banks. Therefore, it makes sense to look specifically for a self-employed loan. This can either be a start-up loan or a private loan tailored to this group of people.

Self-employed individuals often find it easier to obtain credit from private providers. Because here is often dispensed with a self-disclosure or this can be made more flexible than with the mere presentation of payslips. Internet lenders bring together the self-employed and lenders to develop a suitable offer for both sides.

However, it can also make sense to ask directly at your own house bank, because this knows the finances of the customer better than anyone else and therefore may also offer a suitable loan without payroll of the employer. This possibility should at least be checked first.

Keep the loan amount small

Receiving large loans without providing any form of self-disclosure is extremely difficult. Because the larger the loan, the more security the lender needs, that he will get his money back reliably. Anyone who directly applies for a smaller loan and can even specify what exactly he needs the money for, significantly increases his chances of obtaining the desired loan. Not asking for salary or ignoring the Porthos is primarily a risk on the part of the lender.

Loan sums under 1000 €, however, can be obtained via private providers without self-disclosure. Grade small instant loans often work this way. However, these are often also provided with high interest rates and less flexible rates. In some cases, one or two months remain to fully repay the loan. This is an interesting option, especially for short-term emergencies or urgent purchases. Again, the smaller the desired loan amount, the higher the chance to obtain the desired loan.

Anyone who has successfully repaid such a microloan once and for all at a provider often gets the opportunity to apply for another loan. This can then be much greater failures and often comes without self-disclosure. The provider has finally been able to check by the first loan, whether the borrower acts reliably.

Call a guarantor

Those who do not want to give any self-assessment or have so far been unsuccessful with their self-disclosure should think twice about consulting a guarantor. This guarantor agrees to continue repaying the loan in the event of default or insufficient solvency on the part of the borrower. Therefore, the guarantor takes a great responsibility and should be chosen wisely.

A solvent guarantor can provide for a larger credit line and increase the chance of a successful loan even without self-disclosure. Because the lender has such a security and less fear of not getting the money back. Many providers of small and instant loans therefore offer the option of appointing a guarantor directly online and also providing all the necessary information there.

Even if the borrower can do so without self-disclosure, for the guarantor this does not usually apply. Because to determine whether this can really take over the repayment, if the borrower can not do it anymore, the lender needs some information and assurances from the guarantor. Not only does he have to verify his person and make some signatures, he must also be able to provide salary statements and not be biased by negative Porthos entries.

The self-disclosure is thus only partially avoided, because ultimately salary and creditworthiness are checked, if only when guarantor.

Consider only reputable private providers

If you are looking for a loan, but do not want to or can not provide self-assessment, you must familiarize yourself with the idea that it is very unlikely that you will receive bank credit. As a rule, in this case, there is only the option of a private loan. Especially in this area, there are a variety of providers, because with such loans, of course, to do good business. Therefore, the providers should first be compared and checked exactly.

What reviews of other users are there and what impression makes the appearance of the private provider on the Internet? If it is a credit intermediary, it should also be checked whether it requires high fees for its services or disproportionate conditions.

For personal loans, only reputable providers should be considered under all circumstances. Anyone looking for a loan without self-disclosure often needs fresh money quickly and easily. This situation can make dubious providers on the Internet particularly easy to use. This can lead to dubious loan agreements and far too high interest rates. Such a loan will not help in the long term as it can be a major challenge for the borrower to repay.

Increase or decrease your personal loan limit

Many people wonder whether it is possible to increase or decrease the limit in the event of a personal loan.

We can immediately drop in with the door: This is usually possible but your application will first be assessed. You can read more about increasing or decreasing your limit on this page.

Limit increase personal loan, how does that work exactly?

Image result for Increase or decrease your personal loan limitYou can not change your personal loan limit with all lenders. That is why it is also important to pay attention to the loan conditions when taking out a loan! With a revolving credit, it is often possible to increase your withdrawal limit with all lenders. If it is possible to increase your credit limit of your personal loan with a provider, the lender will draw up a new contract. In that case, you must request a new loan offer. The lender will review your application and will then come up with an offer.

Increase loan

Your old personal loan is actually being processed in a new loan. There are a few things that you should take into account. For example, interest rates and monthly repayments will probably be higher. Your expenses will therefore increase monthly.

Limit your personal loan limit

Just as with increasing your loan limit, it is possible for some providers (not always!) To lower your limit. In that case you also enter into a new agreement and you will have to take out a new loan. You must take into account that a lower interest rate often also includes a different interest rate.


Personal loans are often more sensible

Instead of raising or lowering your limit with the same provider, it is often cheaper to place your current loan with another loan provider. It is best to switch when the loan rate is low. Note: Most personal loans can not be paid without penalty. After all, you have made an appointment with the provider of the credit. When you transfer your personal loan to another provider, your current lender misses income. This loss of income must be compensated. You will probably have to pay transfer costs. If you transfer to another provider, you will redeem your old personal loan early with the money from the new loan.

Increase personal loan for lower interest rates

Borrowing money, costs money. That makes sense. But sometimes it can be rewarding to increase a limit on a personal loan or to take out a new, larger personal loan. Despite that, in that case you (usually) have to pay a penalty interest. The penalty interest is a maximum of 1% of the loan. The higher the loan amount, the lower the interest is usually.

For young people, taking a loan is the hardest part.

For young people, taking a loan is the hardest part.

You not only need the consent of both parents or legal representatives but also of the family court. This applies to installment loans, credit cards and also disposition loans. Since most underage students do not have their own income, the question of how the student wants to settle his loan must also be clarified. Severities may only be accepted with the consent of parents or legal representatives of banks.

Loans for adult students with income

Full-time students no longer need these consents. However, regular income students need proof of income. Many banks also expect an indefinite employment contract . A good credit rating or a Pantaloon information without negative entries is also required by many banks. Possible positive effects also impact on the security of a loan application.

Loans for low-income students

If you only have low income, as is often the case with trainees, you will encounter some problems. Apprentices have the best chance of small loans. These are awarded on the basis of the training salary and the installment duration is calculated on the basis of the duration of the training contract. However, if a trainee needs a larger sum, the parent should act as a guarantor, or even better, as a co-borrower.

A commitment to take over after completing the training also improves the chances of a higher loan amount.

Loans for students without income

Image result for student loanRetirees often only have public funds as income. These can not be seized so almost no bank would lend. In order to receive a loan without your own income, further collateral is necessary. These may be either physical security or personal security .

Anyone who wants to resort to a security of security, must remember that the subject matter must have the value of the desired loan amount. In addition, the object or property may only be attributed to a creditor as security of security.

Credit for the purchase of a car

If the loan is a car loan, special rules apply. When buying a car, the car letter can be used as a hedge . This is given to the financing bank, so this has direct access to the vehicle in case of insolvency. The vehicle can be easily sold by the bank to settle the open balance.

What requirements must be met in order to obtain a loan as a student?

Basically, if you are not at least 18 years old, regardless of whether you are a student or not, you will not receive a loan. As a result of this statutory age restriction, a student is only eligible as a sole borrower if he or she has already reached the age of 18. Otherwise, the pupil needs the consent of the parent or guardian.

Another possibility is the so-called change of debtors, whereby the credit of the student is first financed by the parents and then can be taken over by the student when he reaches the age of majority.

Furthermore, the student’s initial financial situation also determines whether and to what extent a loan can be granted. The proof of a regular income alone is often not enough.

Most banks and credit institutions also require that the borrower be in permanent employment and have possibly already passed the probationary period. Thus, a corresponding credit rating is also essential for borrowing as a student.

Provide collateral

If, as a student, you have fulfilled the legal age limit and can provide certain security, the taking out of a loan is basically no longer an obstacle. However, the amount will usually be rather low and only move in the order of a small loan.

If you have a regular income as a student, you have a good chance of getting a loan. A monthly allowance, which is paid monthly by the parents, would probably not be counted by a bank. However, if the bank’s existing monthly income is still too low, a student still has the option to hire another borrower (eg a relative). He must also be of legal age and should also have a regular income at a reasonable level.

Alternatively, a guarantor would be eligible for the loan. However, this is also associated with a corresponding risk, since the guarantor has to compensate for the student’s financial difficulties alone. In that case, one could alternatively consider whether it would not be appropriate to directly borrow some kind of credit through a family member. This could save you not only high interest rates, but also the additional debt with a bank.

In addition, a loan for students, of course, often much more expensive than if, for example, the parents take out a loan. These will be offered by a better credit rating correspondingly better terms.

The reasons for borrowing as a student

Often it is advantageous to give his exact reasons for borrowing when applying. For the credit institutions, the reasons for borrowing should always be understandable. In this context, it is also true that one can be a student, as long as one is compulsory and aspires to the first school degree.

On the other hand, one is still considered a student, if you just completed his first education and goes to vocational school. If you are already in training, you also have the option of resorting to state-subsidized loans. These loans pay off especially by the good conditions, but also require that you are in training and can present a corresponding employment contract.

However, this form of credit is only available to students who need to finance their own vocational training and who need help. State-subsidized loans serve only the purpose of the maintenance support and are therefore granted only for this purpose.

Proof of the current financial situation as well as the financial situation of the parents is a prerequisite.

Use credit facilities

Provided that the requirements for borrowing as a student are met, the Bank will deduct default amounts from the existing monthly income to determine whether the student can afford the monthly repayment and interest charges without any problems. If, as a student, you still live at home with your parents, these amounts will be very small. If the remaining amount is still insufficient to pay off the installments for the desired amount of money, no credit will be granted.

If, as a student, I still need a bit more money than is currently available to me, some financial institutions offer special student accounts. If the account holder reaches the age of eighteen, it is also possible to set up a dispolimit. Within this limit provided by the bank, a so-called credit line is granted, which gives you the opportunity to charge your account in the negative range.

However, some caution is advised, because when using the Dispos banks usually require high interest rates. Therefore, you should only fall back on it in an emergency.

Compare worthwhile, even as a student

It is clear that a student is not considered a customer of choice when it comes to taking out a loan. Nevertheless, banks and credit institutions also earn money with a student. It is worthwhile, then, as a student to compare offers for taking a small loan. In any case, one should make sure that the lender is a reputable and trustworthy provider.

To compare the individual offers and above all the individual providers, offers various comparison portals. There you often have the additional possibility, if at the end of a credit agreement has come to receive certain premiums and benefits. A comparison is also worthwhile to be able to determine possible differences in the various loans directly. Thus, loans differed not only in the amount of money and interest, but also in terms of repayment options and the term.

Alternatively, of course, you can also go to a bank branch on site and get advice on the different types of credit. Especially as a student, one should definitely consider how the personal situation will change in the next few years and, accordingly, also adjust the credit to these developments.

Basically, before borrowing, you should create a plan that shows how much your monthly income and expenses, such as current rent or mobile phone contracts, are. Furthermore, this plan should list what the future repayments will be in order to ensure that borrowing is sustainable even before borrowing.

The green loan for energy saving measures

On this page we will again inform you about the green loan. This is a credit that you can take out to take environmentally friendly and / or sustainable measures for your home. You can think of investing in solar panels for the generation of your own energy. Or to home insulation.

Benefits of taking out a green loan

Image result for green loanClosing a green loan so that you can take energy-saving and insulating measures does indeed have advantages. Not only can you save money almost immediately because you have lower energy costs, it also provides environmental benefits. You may also increase the living enjoyment and your home will become more valuable. But taking out a green loan instead of a regular loan (for example a personal loan) has another big advantage. The advantage is that you can probably borrow with a much more favorable interest rate.

Higher interest rate green loans

A renovation usually costs a lot of money. Of course you can start saving. But the question is whether that is so wise. Perhaps you still have to save many years before you can finally install solar panels or take insulating measures. Meanwhile, the energy meter continues to tick … Sometimes it is cheaper to borrow money for a green renovation. The green loan can offer a solution. With many Belgian banks and lenders you can go for a green financing solution. A big advantage of such a loan is that you can usually borrow at a much more favorable interest rate! At the moment, the green loan in Belgium has one of the lowest interest rates compared to other credit types. The average cost percentage is between 2 and 3%. Of course, borrowing always costs money, but if you can generate your own energy and / or apply house insulation, then you have earned back this investment in a few years!

Subsidy or not?

Not so long ago, people in Belgium were still entitled to subsidies for environmentally friendly renovations. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Still, it still pays to take out a green loan instead of a regular loan! Banks still use a kind of interest discount for this type of credit.

Applications green credit:

  • Placing solar panels
  • Construction of a green roof
  • Placement of glazing with high efficiency
  • Housing insulation
  • System for water heating (hot water pump)

Green loan and renovation loan almost the same loans

Image result for green loanWhat is the difference between a green loan and a renovation loan? This type of loan has many similarities. Only the spending goal differs. You can see this in the interest rate. Other terms are often used for green loans. One bank calls this type of credit an energy credit, while another bank would prefer to advertise the terms ecowloon loan or heating loan.


Compare pays off!

We strongly recommend that you compare green loans before you decide. Compare not only on the basis of interest rates, but also pay attention to the possibilities that lenders offer or do not offer.

Loan for Freelancers – Loan Freelance

The granting of a loan for freelancers can be of existential importance. This applies to the foundation phase as well as to the consolidation and construction phase. The offer of the banks and savings banks as well as the P2P loan provider is of very different nature. Which loan is the right one depends not least on what the freelancer wants to use it for.


Sample invoices for freelance credit

Image result for freelance creditIn the following example calculations are presented on the subject: Loans for the self-employed.
Thus, numerous P2P providers offer a targeted alternative to the offers of banks and savings banks.

Example 1: A provider of personal loans offers already starting from 1.000 euro a loan for self-employed, which can be applied for online. The condition is that the application pursues a self-employed activity for more than 2 years. The favorable loan rates are offered without any hidden costs. The processing fees are 4.00%. The annual percentage rate is 8.19% / borrowing rate pa 5.15%. With a loan amount of € 10,000.00, the total amount is € 11,262.63. *

Example 2: A further private loan broker offers fair credit opportunities to its potential customers with the in-house developed scoring technology. The application check takes place in real time and is also possible without PostIdent. The attractive interest rates speak for this offer. The processing fees are 2.85%. The annual percentage rate of interest is fixed at 7.9% / borrowing interest pa 6.32%. With a loan amount of 10,000.00 Euro, this results in a total amount of 11,217.92 Euro. *

For freelancers, applying for a loan from a P2P provider is often more successful than with the established banks and savings banks. These often act very hesitantly because freelancers can not demonstrate a proven fixed salary or fee. At least it is almost always spoken of an “increased risk”, which is also expressed in the form of increased interest rates.

* The percentages and the resulting arithmetical valuation depend on the current values.

Different forms of credit

According to current account credit, the installment loan for personal or business investment is the most requested loan because it is not earmarked as a business loan . Another feature of this form of credit is that interest is calculated on the total loan amount.

The current account credit is the credit line to the business account for freelancers and self-employed. The amount can be negotiated relatively “freely” with the bank. Important are a good credit rating and a positive examination of the business documents . If the private current account is used as a business account, an audit of the balance sheets and the income statement is also carried out.

The call-off loan with a high degree of flexibility is also interesting. The interest rates are 6-9 percent cheaper than a credit line with 10 percent and more. The big advantage is that the repayment can be made flexibly up to an agreed minimum repayment per month (usually 2%) and that interest only covers the amount of the loan claimed is of great advantage, the amount can vary between 300 and 50,000 euros. Most offers, however, start at least 2,500 to 5,000 euros.

Noel Barrionuevo achieved his first goal: to travel to London to complete the recovery with the team on the field where the Games will take place.

Noel Barrionuevo: “The” The group grows stronger ”  
Noel Barrionuevo achieved his first goal: to travel to London to complete the recovery with the team on the field where the Games will take place. Noel talked to the girls on Zoek TV and told them the following …

The Lionesses tied with Korea  
The Lionesses drew 4-4 against Korea this morning in the second of the friendlies played in London before the start of the Foursquare Invitation in which they will inaugurate the Olympic Stadium. With two goals from Carla Rebecchi, one from Daniela Sruoga and the last from Carla Dupuy, the girls exercised in three times of 20 ‘.
The team will debut on Wednesday against China in the first of the VISA International Invitational Tournament matches, which also includes Korea and the venue, Great Britain.

The matches of the tournament will be televised by ESPN +, with commentaries by Magui Aicega, TyC Sports with stories by Gonzalo Bonadeo and comments by Cachito Vigil and the Public TV is expected to do the same although it has not confirmed it in its programming grid.

The meeting will begin at 7 o’clock in the morning, Argentine time so get up early!
Come on, Leonas! Let’s go Argentina!

Image result for Come on, Leonas! Let's go Argentina!FIRST “A” NAVAL LICEO A 1-2 HURLING “A” SAN FERNANDO “A” 2-1 CITY “A” ALMOST “A” 1-4 GEBA “A” LOMAS “A” 0-0 S. CATHERINE’S “A” QUILMES “A” 2-3 MITER “A” BELGRANO “A” 2-3 HACOAJ “A” RIVER PLATE 0-0 SIC “A”

Argentina got its second consecutive victory in the World Cup that takes place in Rosario

Image result for Carla RebecchiIt was enough with a roar  

With a goal from Carla Rebecchi after a play by Luciana Aymar, Argentina got its second consecutive victory in the World Cup that takes place in Rosario. The Leonas snatched the three points this time, the Korean team 1-0, which came from beating China in its presentation.

In a dynamic and untidy game at times due to the Korean action, Argentina had more desire to win and succeeded.

Highlights the performances of Aymar and Rebecchi looking throughout the field and solid defense of Burkart and Rossi.
Our national team searched for the first time through the short three times. Moon, the Korean bowler, drowned Barrionuevo twice. The third short film generated the controversy after the sanction of an interpretive prison, which was later allowed to order Video Ref wrongly, according to former international referee Horacio Servetto.

With the score at zero, both teams went to rest.

In the second half, the Lionesses showed more claw than team play. There were flashes of community in their movements demonstrating how much they can achieve beyond individualities.

Image result for Silvina D'EliaAn error in the bottom soon after the end, forced Silvina D’Elia to sacrifice herself to stop the rival attack and leave Argentina with 10 to suffer due to a yellow.

A harder game than expected perhaps by the spectators but that Chapa Retegui had anticipated as difficult. Well then by Las Leonas who keep the ideal score for the match on Thursday against Spain. 

In its second presentation in this World Cup, with a good performance and a little help from the video ref, South Africa took its first three points in this tournament. With a goal from his experienced star, Coetzee and a batting hit by Damons, he was 2 – 1 hopeful against Spain.

The Spanish Camon was in charge of marking the partial draw in the first time of short after Coetzee had done the same with a powerful drag.

Great work by Spanish goalkeeper Lopez de Eguilaz that prevented South Africa from leading them by more on the scoreboard.

There was an Argentine presence in this match in the correct arbitration of Carolina de la Fuente.

A pure Video Ref the match became very entertaining although it was interrupted in the second half. There was a controversial goal from South Africa that put the Spanish Camon “de la cap”. For us, a real golazo.

Spain sees its chances vanish after two presentations and zero points obtained for a team that deserves a little more.

Palpitando the second match, Aymar and Retegui While you wait for this afternoon’s match against Korea, get into the press conference where Lucha Aymar and Chapa Retegui, answered all the questions after Las Leonas thrashed South Africa 5-2 with an AWESOME Aymar. Vivila only in Hockey Delivery, “All the HOCKEY where you are”

England stayed with the three points  

The big question is: Did China come to play the World Cup? In a bland match, England did enough to beat the unknown China 1 – 0 with goal at 2 ‘ Hannah MacLeodd. In the first play of the match England got a short and despite the bad execution ended in the goal that put things 1 – 0 in their favor.

The Chinese did not stop collecting color cards with two green and one yellow for violent play during the first half.
Kate Walsh did not want to leave her team without collectable figurines and she won a hopeful color two minutes from the end of this stage. In the second half it seemed that things would change but the number 3 in the world still did not find clear opportunities to open the score, keeping the unbeaten two played – two lost. Let’s hope they do not wake up on Saturday against Argentina !

With the right foot and some surprise the Lionesses tore this World Cup 2018.

It was a thumping versus Spain 6-2 with goals from Jankunas, Albertario, Ortiz twice, Merino and Barrionuevo penalty.

Spain had promised to attack Argentina of movement and managed to surprise the Leonas to get 1-0 with a rebound taken by Salvatella just three minutes from the start of the match. The ideal time to discover if this team, a mixture of experienced and experienced, would recover from an adverse start. A resounding: YES.

By joint work, strength and a clear idea of ​​the tactics, Argentina was able to overcome not only the impact of the goal but the defensive mistakes that gave Spain control of the first quarter.

He threw the cordovan Jankunas in the third short of Argentina to nail the tie high that would return things to zero sheets. Or maybe not … because that goal marked the rebound of those led by Corradini.

The 2-1 was a great goal. Paula Ortiz took the ball. I level the area. Turn. And he nailed her in the corner! “I thought she was leaving and when I saw she started to go down I could not believe it” Pali told us after the meeting (listen to the note with her and other players on our YouTube channel)

Perhaps inspired by the smallest of the group, Albertario also launched his head to connect the center of Merino and by 3-1 (although officially the FIH gave it to Sánchez as we can see in the virtual spreadsheet). Almost a sentence for those in red.
Ortiz and a touch to put another Merino center put things 4-1. One minute of the third quarter was enough for the # 12 of the Leonas could scream his goal. He passed the line in slow motion, so much that there was even video umpire. So Merino put the 5-1 to Argentina.

When it seemed that there would be no more goals, thrown in speed Albertario and Merino arrived with a two-one that ended in a penalty. Noel Barrionuevo got the half dozen for the Leonas converting between the legs of an archer that seemed to move earlier to the place chosen by the Argentine goal-scorer. In minute 49 came the second goal of an opponent that, nobility obliges, never lowered his arms and tried to be faithful to his proposal. Perez thus takes his first conquest in the tournament. With Argentina attacking, the siren of the end of the match sounded.

To correct: technical issues in the defensive quites. To highlight: the team work that allowed “ALL TO BE ONE” to paraphrase the slogan installed by the girls for this World Cup.

Germany is coming on Wednesday the 25th at 11am in our country. We will be on the court, here at the Lee Valley Tennis & Hockey Center in London, doing the stamina to the Lionesses and taking you “All the HOCKEY where you are”

Agustín Corradini, announced the list of players who will seek to win the third title in World Cups

Image result for Agustín CorradiniAgustín Corradini, announced the list of players who will seek to win the third title in World Cups, which this time will be played in London, between July 21 and August 5 next. 

Among those cited are the presence of Noel Barrionuevo, Delfina Merino and Belén Succi, the players with the most participation in World Cups; London will be the third, as they were gold medal in Rosario 2010 and bronze in The Hague 2014.

In addition, ten will make their debut in a major world: Julia Gomes Fantasia and Agustina Habif, among the most experienced, and eight Junior World Champions in Chile 2016: Bianca Donati, Lucina Von der Heyde, Agostina Alonso, Magdalena Fernandez Ladra, Paula Ortiz, María José Granatto, Eugenia Trinchinetti and Julieta Jankunas. The designated squad will arrive in London with an average age of 25.1 years.

The national debut is scheduled for Sunday July 22 against Spain (11th), at 9am in our country and by Group C. On Wednesday 25, those led by Corradini will be measured against Germany (6th), from 14 hours Finally, the Lionesses will close the opening phase on Saturday July 28 against South Africa (14th), starting at 10 o’clock. Group A, meanwhile, will be made up of Holland, defender of the title and number one ranking, China (8th), Korea (9th) and Italy (17th). Group B will include England (2nd), United States (7th), India (10th) and Ireland (16th), while Group D will be composed of Australia (5th), New Zealand (4th), Japan (12th) and Belgium (13th). All matches will be held in the synthetic Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Center that is located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The quarter-final crosses will be played on July 30 and 31, while the semifinal and final instances are scheduled between August 1 and August 5.

After the gold medals obtained in Perth 2002 and Rosario 2010, the silver medals in Mandelieu 1974, Berlin 1976 and Dublin 1994 and the bronzes of Madrid 2006 and The Hague 2014, the Lionesses will seek to harvest a new feat and get on the podium as they did in the last four editions.

In the coming days, Las Leonas will continue with the set-up at CeNARD and between June 11 and 17 they will play a series of five test matches against the United States at the Estadio de Club Natación y Gimnasia de Tucumán. Tickets for these matches can be purchased through the Ticketek portal.

Upon returning from Tucumán, Victoria Sauze and Sofía Toccalino will continue training together with the squad and will remain as reserves of the selected team until the departure of the World Cup players towards the old continent.

Players called 1-Belen Succi 2- Florence Mutio 3- Julia Gomes Fantasia 4- Noel Barrionuevo 5- Agustina Habif 6- Bianca Donati 7-Lucina Von Der Heyde 8- Florence Habif 9 -Agostina Alonso 10-Magdalena Fernández Ladra 11- Rocio Sánchez Moccia 12- Paula Ortiz 13- Delfina Merino 14- Martina Cavallero 15- María Jose Granatto 16- Eugenia Trinchinetti 17- Julieta Jankunas 18- Agustina Albertarrio

Technical Body Coach: Agustín Corradini Assistant: Walter Conna Assistant: Martin Berthold Physical Trainer: Eduardo Pesci Video analyst: Carlos Muñoz Kinesiology: Patricia Fioroni Doctor: Pablo Feijoo Team leader: Carolina Del Valle