Thursday, August 22, 2019

Agustín Corradini, announced the list of players who will seek to win the third title in World Cups

Image result for Agustín CorradiniAgustín Corradini, announced the list of players who will seek to win the third title in World Cups, which this time will be played in London, between July 21 and August 5 next. 

Among those cited are the presence of Noel Barrionuevo, Delfina Merino and Belén Succi, the players with the most participation in World Cups; London will be the third, as they were gold medal in Rosario 2010 and bronze in The Hague 2014.

In addition, ten will make their debut in a major world: Julia Gomes Fantasia and Agustina Habif, among the most experienced, and eight Junior World Champions in Chile 2016: Bianca Donati, Lucina Von der Heyde, Agostina Alonso, Magdalena Fernandez Ladra, Paula Ortiz, María José Granatto, Eugenia Trinchinetti and Julieta Jankunas. The designated squad will arrive in London with an average age of 25.1 years.

The national debut is scheduled for Sunday July 22 against Spain (11th), at 9am in our country and by Group C. On Wednesday 25, those led by Corradini will be measured against Germany (6th), from 14 hours Finally, the Lionesses will close the opening phase on Saturday July 28 against South Africa (14th), starting at 10 o’clock. Group A, meanwhile, will be made up of Holland, defender of the title and number one ranking, China (8th), Korea (9th) and Italy (17th). Group B will include England (2nd), United States (7th), India (10th) and Ireland (16th), while Group D will be composed of Australia (5th), New Zealand (4th), Japan (12th) and Belgium (13th). All matches will be held in the synthetic Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Center that is located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The quarter-final crosses will be played on July 30 and 31, while the semifinal and final instances are scheduled between August 1 and August 5.

After the gold medals obtained in Perth 2002 and Rosario 2010, the silver medals in Mandelieu 1974, Berlin 1976 and Dublin 1994 and the bronzes of Madrid 2006 and The Hague 2014, the Lionesses will seek to harvest a new feat and get on the podium as they did in the last four editions.

In the coming days, Las Leonas will continue with the set-up at CeNARD and between June 11 and 17 they will play a series of five test matches against the United States at the Estadio de Club Natación y Gimnasia de Tucumán. Tickets for these matches can be purchased through the Ticketek portal.

Upon returning from Tucumán, Victoria Sauze and Sofía Toccalino will continue training together with the squad and will remain as reserves of the selected team until the departure of the World Cup players towards the old continent.

Players called 1-Belen Succi 2- Florence Mutio 3- Julia Gomes Fantasia 4- Noel Barrionuevo 5- Agustina Habif 6- Bianca Donati 7-Lucina Von Der Heyde 8- Florence Habif 9 -Agostina Alonso 10-Magdalena Fernández Ladra 11- Rocio Sánchez Moccia 12- Paula Ortiz 13- Delfina Merino 14- Martina Cavallero 15- María Jose Granatto 16- Eugenia Trinchinetti 17- Julieta Jankunas 18- Agustina Albertarrio

Technical Body Coach: Agustín Corradini Assistant: Walter Conna Assistant: Martin Berthold Physical Trainer: Eduardo Pesci Video analyst: Carlos Muñoz Kinesiology: Patricia Fioroni Doctor: Pablo Feijoo Team leader: Carolina Del Valle

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