Thursday, August 22, 2019

Argentina got its second consecutive victory in the World Cup that takes place in Rosario

Image result for Carla RebecchiIt was enough with a roar  

With a goal from Carla Rebecchi after a play by Luciana Aymar, Argentina got its second consecutive victory in the World Cup that takes place in Rosario. The Leonas snatched the three points this time, the Korean team 1-0, which came from beating China in its presentation.

In a dynamic and untidy game at times due to the Korean action, Argentina had more desire to win and succeeded.

Highlights the performances of Aymar and Rebecchi looking throughout the field and solid defense of Burkart and Rossi.
Our national team searched for the first time through the short three times. Moon, the Korean bowler, drowned Barrionuevo twice. The third short film generated the controversy after the sanction of an interpretive prison, which was later allowed to order Video Ref wrongly, according to former international referee Horacio Servetto.

With the score at zero, both teams went to rest.

In the second half, the Lionesses showed more claw than team play. There were flashes of community in their movements demonstrating how much they can achieve beyond individualities.

Image result for Silvina D'EliaAn error in the bottom soon after the end, forced Silvina D’Elia to sacrifice herself to stop the rival attack and leave Argentina with 10 to suffer due to a yellow.

A harder game than expected perhaps by the spectators but that Chapa Retegui had anticipated as difficult. Well then by Las Leonas who keep the ideal score for the match on Thursday against Spain. 

In its second presentation in this World Cup, with a good performance and a little help from the video ref, South Africa took its first three points in this tournament. With a goal from his experienced star, Coetzee and a batting hit by Damons, he was 2 – 1 hopeful against Spain.

The Spanish Camon was in charge of marking the partial draw in the first time of short after Coetzee had done the same with a powerful drag.

Great work by Spanish goalkeeper Lopez de Eguilaz that prevented South Africa from leading them by more on the scoreboard.

There was an Argentine presence in this match in the correct arbitration of Carolina de la Fuente.

A pure Video Ref the match became very entertaining although it was interrupted in the second half. There was a controversial goal from South Africa that put the Spanish Camon “de la cap”. For us, a real golazo.

Spain sees its chances vanish after two presentations and zero points obtained for a team that deserves a little more.

Palpitando the second match, Aymar and Retegui While you wait for this afternoon’s match against Korea, get into the press conference where Lucha Aymar and Chapa Retegui, answered all the questions after Las Leonas thrashed South Africa 5-2 with an AWESOME Aymar. Vivila only in Hockey Delivery, “All the HOCKEY where you are”

England stayed with the three points  

The big question is: Did China come to play the World Cup? In a bland match, England did enough to beat the unknown China 1 – 0 with goal at 2 ‘ Hannah MacLeodd. In the first play of the match England got a short and despite the bad execution ended in the goal that put things 1 – 0 in their favor.

The Chinese did not stop collecting color cards with two green and one yellow for violent play during the first half.
Kate Walsh did not want to leave her team without collectable figurines and she won a hopeful color two minutes from the end of this stage. In the second half it seemed that things would change but the number 3 in the world still did not find clear opportunities to open the score, keeping the unbeaten two played – two lost. Let’s hope they do not wake up on Saturday against Argentina !

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