the Lions fell to the European team by a convincing 6 to 1

In the last match of the semifinal stage of the World League, the Lions fell to the European team by a convincing 6 to 1 . In London, those led by Carlos Retegui advanced to the final stage of the contest that will be played in India in December and also achieved the classification for the 2018 World Cup.

After having successfully raffled off the group stage in the first place, Argentina arrived to the last match in an unbeaten way where Holland, fourth in the world ranking and who had also shown a good performance in the preliminary stage. The decisive crossing promised dynamic and above all a trial by fire for the Olympic champions, facing a rival of hierarchy.
Holland was strong from the start, with a marked offensive attitude and specifying two goals in the first quarter. Valentín Verga, the Argentine nationalized Dutch player, shot Juan Manuel Vivaldi in just four minutes of play and reappeared at 14 with a surprise detour, after being assisted by the youthful Jorrit Croon.

In a game that in the previous presumed to be more even, the European team was consolidating the dominance of the ball and becoming strong in the defensive aspect, closing all roads to the Argentines, who did not get any short corners in favor during the 60 minutes .

Although in the second quarter, Argentina sought to return to being a protagonist -like in their previous presentations- with good recoveries in the midfield, the inaccuracy in the passes cost them dearly. Holland did not spare and was lethal in the semicircle defended by Vivaldi, who despite having an outstanding performance, was overtaken by the Dutch forward. Thijs Van Dam, with a push to the net, scored the 3 to 0 partial with which both teams went to the break.
In the complement, those directed by Maximiliano Caldas were implacable. In just two minutes, Robbert Kemperman of half-turn and Mirco Pruijser, with a crossed backhand, stretched the difference in a game in which Holland was far superior, scoring the sixth through Thierry Brinkman.

Anyway, Argentina never lost the attitude and looked for with insistence the discount that finally arrived on the closing of the party and through Matías Paredes.
Despite the defeat, the balance of the Lions after his visit to London is more than positive if we take into account that the team materialized the two objectives proposed for the season: securing the qualification to the 2018 World Cup and advancing to the stage final of the third edition of the World League that will take place in India, from December 1 to 10 of this year.

Over the goals achieved by team, Gonzalo Peillat finished as the tournament’s top scorer, with 12 touchdowns, all from short corners. In addition, the Argentine defender was distinguished for being the best player reaffirming his good present and a promising future with only 24 years.
After the game, Matías Paredes, one of the most experienced of the Albiceleste team, analyzed: “We had a good tournament because the goals were achieved, but nobody likes to lose a final and we will have to make a self-criticism. very high and a 6 to 1 against, in a final, it is too much, we know the things we did well, so we will have to focus on the mistakes in order to improve .
“We knew it was going to be a complicated match , Retegui said. “We came very tired, it was a very long tour and the mind has to be worked on, I am very happy and proud of the performance of the team that had a tournament preview in which we suffered, but we strengthened to get the final .
Players and coaching staff will return to the country on Tuesday, June 27, at 8.15 am (Ezeiza).
Argentina formed with Juan Manuel Vivaldi; Gonzalo Peillat, Pedro Ibarra, Agustín Bugallo; Agustín Mazzilli, Manuel Brunet, Ignacio Ortiz, Juan Martín López, Facundo Callioni, Lucas Vila and Matías Paredes. Then they entered: Joaquín Menini, Diego Paz, Maico Casella and Lucas Rey.

The turn of the Knights against France

Image result for pablo lombi 
With the first practice at CENARD, those led by Pablo Lombi started the 2011 season on Monday. Details of the series against the French team.

On the morning of this Monday, the national men’s team officially started the activity in the 2011 season, the year in which the main sporting objective is to be awarded at the Pan American Games in Mexico (to be played between October 13 and 30). to the next London 2012 Olympic Games .
Under the command of coach Pablo Lombi , Group A players trained between 8 and 10.30hs with a view to the first international commitment they will face in just over a week. It happens that between 9 and 15 February, Argentina will play four friendly games against the combination of France in the field of CENARD.
“The beginning of the year brings a very simple planning. We have two clear objectives for the series against France: to improve the effectiveness in attack and to try a modification of our defensive system, that we are going to train in these ten days that remain for the first match “, assured the technical director. “We are also aiming at an individual preparation both physically and technically of the players. The idea is that in June, when we start the strong preparation for the Pan-American Games, we have well trained what is related to the individual, ” added Lombi.
The French team, meanwhile, will arrive in Argentina next Sunday as part of a tour of America. After the series of friendlies against the albicelestes, will travel to San Diego, United States, where he will face the local team and Canada.
The coach, Scott Goodheart (as reported by the official site of the French Federation) stressed the importance of this tour, which will be the first to embark on his country after three years without travel of these characteristics. In addition, he was confident in the qualities of his managers, who have an average age of 23 years. On the other hand, the captain of the European team, François Scheefer said that Argentina is a team that has quality and recently defended well against Australia (world champion in 2010), so expect a complicated series in Buenos Aires.

Wednesday 9/02
17.00hs Argentina-France
Friday 11/02
17.00hs Argentina-France
Sunday 13/02
17.00hs Argentina-France
Tuesday 15/02
17.00hs Argentina-France


Image result for delegation of france hockeyDelegation of France: Arnaud Becuwe, Matthieu Catonnet, Guillaume Deront, Matthias Dierckens (Arq), Bastien Dierckens, Niels Gagnard, Hugo Genestet, Tom Genestet, Martin Genestet, Cesar Hauet, Joost Jansen, Henri Lhomme (Arq), Fabien Magner, Valentin Migneau, Guillaume Sanson, Oliver Sanchez, Yannick Schambert, Francois Scheefer, Lucas Sevestre, Guilin Thomas. Coach: Scott Goodheart (coach), Sandra Harik (Manager), David Parker (technical assistant), Axel Guignard (camera), Lionel Labadie (kinesiologist), Prodromos Chamalidis (psychologist), Marc Knulle (referee)

ARGENTINA-PROJECTION GROUP (They will train from March, every Tuesday and Wednesday)

Friendlies on Track before the World Cup: Results  
Image result for Argentine Selection of TrackThe Argentine Selection of Track culminated his presentation in Madrid in what is the gora previous to his debut in the World Indoor of Poland that begins the 8 of February . The girls got a win and a loss after dealing with the SPV and the Club de Campo respectively.
to Yesterday Argentina prevailed by 7 – 4 while it makes instants , he had to lose by 3 – 7 .
to The girls led by Patricia Campos , were solid yesterday from the beginning closing a first half with many shorts in favor and the score above by 4 – 0. They also showed certainty in the use of counterattack and good defense in the shorts, the play more dangerous on the European track. to In front of the Country Club the thing was more complicated. He finished the 1st part, 3 to 1 for the Club despite the parity of a match with more chances for the Field. The locals have many players from the Spanish track team , sub-champion of Europe in their lines and that makes the difference. However, Spain will not be part of the world because of economic issues.
to The girls leave tomorrow for Germany . There they will return to play friendly preparatory in order to arrive with more experience and travel, to the debut match, on February 8 against Ukraine. to
Hockey Delivery especially wants to thank Wil Schickendantz because in addition to being a great player that makes us look good in the mother country, we approached what was happening with the girls of the Track Team in the tour prior to the World Cup in Poland for Spain. Thanks Wil! You’re a big đŸ™‚
Let’s go Argentina!

Succi spoke about Las Leonas and the new captain 
Last year was intense and unique for Las Leonas. The World Cup in Rosario marked a group of players that ratified their status as the best in the world in the country. However, far from remaining in memory, those led by Carlos Retegui have already begun to prepare for this year that will have as compromises summits the Champions Trophy in July and the Pan American Games, which will qualify for the Olympic Games, in October.

The Lionesses were put under the command of Retegui and Alejandro Labonia, the brand new physical trainer. The objective is short term: from 9 to 13 February in Mendoza and from 16 to 20 in Rosario will play two Four Nations Tournament against Australia, the United States and Germany.

Belén Succi, Argentina’s goalkeeper, talked with Clarín about the expectations of both tournaments, the goals of the year and the illusions of repeating what happened in 2010.

How was the first week of training? I will start on Monday because I have an injury to my left leg from which I am recovering. But for the girls it was very hard because we are training very hard. Whenever you come to rest, it costs. It is very important to start playing against teams of the likes of Australia or Germany. It motivates you after what we achieved last year. We are very good.

Is all the preparation focused on the Champions Trophy and the Pan American Games? Today we have the mind in the Four Nations. Knowing the Chapa, he’s going to tell us to go out and win all the tournaments. Whenever you play with the National Team, you think about going out to give everything and get the victory.

What will it be like to play in Mendoza and Rosario without Luciana Aymar and Soledad García, who are licensed until April? It will feel.

Fight is the best in the world and Sole brings a lot. We always want to have them in our team, but a break will be good for them. It will also give other girls the chance to have friction. Obviously when we return we will be waiting for you. Likewise, the group now is very nice, with many new players. A very good replacement is coming. There will be Lionesses for a while.

In the absence of the rosarina, Noel Barrionuevo will be the captain. And Succi commented: “She is very happy. She is adapting to be the captain and we are supporting her in what she needs “.

What particular objectives did you propose for 2011? I already decided to continue improving what I did last year. With that, I will feel satisfied.

Those convened for South Africa are …

With the return of several world champions, Argentina will play five games on the African continent between December 9 and 19 . The players cited for the Test Match.
Little by little, the team led by Carlos Retegui returns to international activity after winning the World Cup in Rosario. And just two weeks after the friendly series played in Italy, in which the Argentines added five victories against the locals, the first national team will leave for Africa to dispute a new commitment outside the country.

In addition to the goalkeepers Laura Aladro and Belén Succi, who after obtaining the World Cup in Rosario returned to wear the national shirt in Rome, seven other world champion Leonas will make their return to international activity in the Test Match against South Africa. They are Noel Barrionuevo, Mariela Scarone, Macarena Rodríguez, Rosairo Luchetti, Daniela Sruoga, Silvina D’Elía and Giselle Kañevsky.

On the other hand, nine other players who participated in the five victories against Italy will be taken into account again by the national coaching staff for the series of five games against the South Africans in the city of Bloemfontein. Carla Dupuy, Natalia Del Frari, Marcela Casale, Maria Josefina Sruoga, Ana Lopez Basavilbaso, Sofia Maccari, Martina Cavallero, Victoria Granatto and Jimena Cedrés will continue to add experience. Julieta Alonso, a player of Club Banco Nación, was also quoted, who for the first time will travel abroad representing Argentina.

In the Era Retegui, this will be the second time that Las Leonas will play in South African lands. In June 2009 played the Spar Cup, where they beat the locals by 8 to 1 in a previous friendly and 3 to 1 during the contest. It is worth remembering that they also met in Rosario, in the debut of Argentina in the World Cup (victory by 5 to 2)

The five Test Match
12/12/10 South Africa-The Lionesses
13/12/10 South Africa-The Lionesses
12/15/10 South Africa-The Lionesses
12/16/10 South Africa-The Lionesses
12/17/10 South Africa-The Lionesses

Argentine Delegation – Players
Belén Succi María Laura Aladro Noel Barrionuevo Mariela Scarone Macarena Rodríguez Rosario Luchetti Daniela Lucia Súoga María Silvina D’Elía Giselle Kañevsky Carla Dupuy Natalia Del Frari Marcela Casale María Josefina Sruoga Ana López Basavilbaso Sofía Maccari Martina Cavallero Victoria Granatto Jimena Cedrés Julieta Alonso

Technical staff Coach: Carlos Retegui , Technical assistant: Santiago Capurro , Kinesiologist: Sergio Lemos, Physical trainer: Eduardo Pesci , Doctor: Domingo Usin , Video operator: Rolando Rivero , Chair of delegation: Sandra Isola. in 23:36

The Rabbis managed to fulfill the first objective: to access the playoffs and they were very hopeful to play the final with GEBA. The good performance of the directed by Luis Ciancia on the end of the championship anticipated a protagonist Lomas. However, the girls from the south received a bucket of cold water before a Saint Catherine’s who knew how to read the game.

In dialogue with Info Region, the referent of the campus Lorena Galván made an analysis of the year of The Rabbits and remarked that the team had a great start and a good comeback on the end of the regular stage. In addition, he highlighted the “growth” of the youngest.

“We closed the tournament with a bitter taste, but it helped us grow as a team. We started well, then we had a downturn in the middle and the second round was very positive, in which we found the style of play and we began to shape ourselves to be in the fight, but we were left empty-handed, “remarked the historic defender.

He added: “Despite everything, we must find the positive side of the present. While we wanted to be there, in the final, the tournament was over for us, the highlight is that we evolved as a team. ”

The Rabbits had several changes when they started the tournament of the First ‘A’, some youth who joined, other references that left the campus and another group that came from the ‘B’ campus. Little by little they were understanding and demonstrating on the field that Lomas was for more.

The group fought him and fought him to the end. But, Santa Cata was superior, he knew how to study the rival plan and reacted with that information in his hands. Lomas was a stranger, he could not unbalance or arm himself to fight the ball to the opponent.

“We were confident to face this second part because of how good we came, but the team that was smarter and knew how to take advantage of opportunities on time took the points. They deserved the triumph and they left it, “he said.

The older ones took on the reality in a different way and transmitted the breath to the younger ones. “This championship allowed them to grow as players, and they have to be calm because they left everything behind. In addition, Lomas is a big one and will play a thousand more finals, we are in a stage of growth and later the results will be seen.

After the 2-0 defeat against Santa Cata, the girls of Lomas were free and on vacation. Although they will continue with the classic individual routine, they will only be reunited in February for the beginning of the preseason.

While Las Leonas are contesting the Test Match series in South Africa, the group working towards London 2012 will play friendly matches at CENARD.

Between 15 and 19 December , the group of players working towards the London 2012 Olympic Games in the so-called Projection Group will play a series of five games against the Chilean team at CENARD.

It is worth remembering that it will be the second time in which the Chilean team visits the country this season, because it already did it in March, when a Four Nations Championship was played in Cordoba, where the United States and Belgium also competed. The cross between both selected ended with a national victory by 4 to 0, with goals from Delfina Merino, Carla Rebecchi and Rosario Luchetti (2).

Friendly agenda

12/15/10 6:00 PM Argentina-Chile
12/16/10 4:00 PM Argentina-Chile
12/18/10 4:00 PM Argentina-Chile

12/19/10 09.30 Argentina-Chile 

After the tour of Europe, the first national team and the Projection Group will play a series of friendly matches at CENARD between December 13 and 19.

Just weeks after the tour of the Old Continent, where they faced Great Britain and Belgium, the Men’s Team led by Pablo Lombi will play four games against the first team in the United States. While the Projection Group, which works towards the next London Olympics 2010, will play two games against Chile. The last crossing between North Americans and Argentines took place in the Premundial organized in Quilmes in 2009.

In the first phase, those led by Pablo Lombi thrashed 6-2 with goals from Lucas Vila, Lucas Rey, Pedro Ibarra, Lucas Rossi, Manuel Brunet and Mario Almada. On the side of Chile, the clashes are more recent because in June the trans-Andean group visited the country. On that occasion, they played three times, with three Argentine victories (2-1, 6-3 and 1-0).

Friendly agenda

12/13/10 11.00 Argentina-USA
12/14/10 6:00 PM Argentina-USA
12/16/10 11.00 Chile-USA
12/18/10 11.30 Argentina-USA
18.00 Argentina Screening-Chile
12/19/10 11.30 Argentina-USA

The Lionesses could not retaliate

Image result for argentina lioness hockey 
Argentina lost yesterday by 1-0 against their pair of the United States.

With a goal by Taylor detour, the USA again came out victorious of the American duel.
The Lionesses were erratic during most of the game, both in receptions and passes. United States once again took advantage of the Argentine error to take advantage with a diagonal ball that Taylor managed to put away from the reach of the national archer, Florencia Mutio, of very good work.
Those directed by Retegui suffered the lack of continuity provoked by the rival. With a surrounded Aymar and the lack of fortune, the girls could not level the score.
There were several clear chances for ours that on the end of the match deserved equality. Rebecchi over the crossbar after a great pass from Sruoga, Cavallero alone against the goal and D’Elía with a great feint in the short, had the chance to convert. Once again, Argentina could not take advantage of short opportunities to define things.
Image result for argentina lioness hockey

USA played a well-known letter: uncomfortable and take advantage of them without proposing more. Pressed until the goal and withdrew complicating the national arrival.
It was Macarena Rodriguez who with a deployment from end to end and great security, took for us the prize for the best player on the court.
Argentina could not shake the ghost of the Pan American during much of the meeting and somehow the US grew not only in muscles, but in the belief that it could win. In short, the scoreboard was simply the result of his conviction.
Now Retegui will adjust what is necessary for the match against New Zealand, leader of the group. For the players, it will be time to leave this game behind and focus on the points to play. The dream is intact and you have to go for it!
Come on, Leonas! Let’s go Argentina!

The Lionesses face today at 3:00 pm in our country versus the United States. The team will seek their second three points and collect the medal lost in the Pan American final against that same rival.

Argentina will initially form with the same eleven as in its debut. Thus the Leonas will enter the court with Mutio, Scarone, D’Elia, Barrionuevo, Jose Sruoga, Aymar, Sanchez, Rodriguez, Dani Sruoga, Rebecchi and Merino.

The detail: the girls will premiere the controversial violet and fuchsia shirt. How will it look on the court?

The Australian Ashton Lucy and the French Adenot will referee this meeting.

Come on, Leonas! Come on, Carajoooo Argentina!

Image result for Lucas CammareriAfter the defeat against Great Britain, Hockey Delivery talked last night with Lucas Cammareri , who told us his feelings about the game, what is coming and more. Thanks Lucas!

HD: What analysis do you make of the game? Lucas: The match got complicated because they put a lot of pressure on us and it was hard for us to have the ball. They had a lot of possession and that took us longer than expected. We did not find associating in attack and the truth that we generate few situations. When they found the second goal, the game was very comfortable because they started to play more calmly and we started to want to reverse it leaving many spaces that they took advantage of very well. We are not satisfied with the defeat or with the form, but we know that we have the tools to reverse it.

HD: How do you reverse the mental stumble of the beginning to face what follows? Lucas: Today at night everyone will do his self-criticism, he will go to rest sad for this defeat, but tomorrow we are already thinking about Pakistan, which is a key match !! We were very excited to start winning but we played against a very good team that beat us and this is just beginning! In Malaysia we started losing the first two games and then we ended up playing the final … We have that cool memory so we are whole!

HD: What were you thinking when you stepped on the court and the anthem sounded? Lucas: Enough things … You enjoy everything that surrounds the game; from the trip in micro, to the costumes, the warm-up … and the part of the hymn is the part that you remember of everything you did to get there and the people who did something to get you there.

HD: What must be done to beat Pakistan? Lucas: We have to improve with the ball. We are the first to know that we do not play well. But mainly we have to let go, do what we train and trust the players we have.

HD: Let’s move on to something more trivial. With so many famous sportsmen spinning around, who turned out to be the coolest team? Lucas: I’m not going to burn it. If you want I give you a clue …. he is an archer and today he did not stop.

HD: The last Lucas, a wish for these games? Lucas: Desires are always ambitious. But I do not go further. Today I want to win the next match!

HD: Thanks Lucas! And to continue believing that this is just beginning! Lucas: Thanks for the support. The truth is that it was a hard blow, but we are going to get up !!


Huge draw of the Lions

With an outstanding performance, Argentina completed the third date of the Six Nations of Valencia and rescued an important draw in the fight for the title.

With three goals of short, executed by Gonzalo Peillat, and an annotation of Lucas Rossi, the national selected one tied before Germany, number 3 of the world and bichampion Olympic.
With this result, those led by Carlos Retegui accumulate seven units, as does Germany. Tomorrow there will be a rest day at the Estadio Virgen del Carmen Beteró, so Los Leones will compete again on Saturday, against India (9 am), while on Sunday they will close their participation against New Zealand, starting at 9 am. All matches can be viewed through
Germany was the one that gave the first blow, thanks to the annotation of Tom Grambusch (9 ‘), but on the closing Gonzalo Peillat equaled transitorily. In the second quarter the process of the game was matched in terms of the possession of the ball, and while the Europeans were those who came forward again on the scoreboard, Lucas Rossi, with a backhand shot, returned to match the result seconds later. go to rest.
Image result for argentina hockey lions

In the complement none of the two teams lowered the intensity. Averaging the 35 minutes, Moritz Furste stretched the difference, but three minutes later, again through Peillat, the match was matched. In spite of the Argentine attempts to avoid errors in the semicircle, in the absence of a minute to close the third period, those led by Valentin Altenburg had a new fixed play, through which they put 4 to 3.
During the last stage, Argentina looked for the tie and found it. The way of the short corner was the one that allowed him to put to shot and to seal the 4 to 4. Although the bicampeón Olympic pressured in the final minutes, the result was not modified.
It is worth remembering that these games are played in the framework of the last international tour that the national team will perform before competing in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (next August). After the contest that takes place in Valencia, Retegui must confirm the 16 names that will be part of the Olympic event, in which Los Leones will seek to get on the podium for the first time in history.
Argentina formed with: Juan Manuel Vivaldi, Juan Ignacio Gillardi, Pedro Ibarra, Gonzalo Peillat, Ignacio Ortiz, Matías Rey, Lucas Rossi, Juan Martin Lopez, Agustín Mazzilli, Facundo Callioni and Matías Paredes. Then they entered: Luca Masso, Juan Ignacio Saladino, Isidoro Ibarra, Felipe Oleastro, Lucas Rey and Joaquín Menini.
In the run-up to the Olympic Games that will take place in Rio de Janeiro between August 5 and 21, Las Leonas will play a total of seven friendly matches to continue adding international shooting. Thus, the agenda includes three crosses against South Korea, and two against New Zealand and Germany, respectively.
It is to emphasize that on Monday, July 25, the inauguration of the new Synthetic of CeNARD will take place, thanks to the work of the Secretariat of Sports of the Nation and the ENARD, it was arranged the placement of a folder of synthetic turf. In this way, our selected will make the final set-up for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in a field similar to the one they will find in Brazil.
Image result for argentina hockey lions

The Lions, who are currently competing in the Six Nations tournament in Valencia, have scheduled two friendlies against Ireland, on 23 and 25 with schedule to be confirmed.
Next Monday, Gabriel Minadeo will have to designate the 16 players who will go for the dream of the first Olympic gold medal in the history of Argentine field hockey, while Carlos Retegui will do the same on the return of Spain.
Las Leonas friendly schedule: – Saturday 23 vs Korea (16 hours) ** – Sunday 24 vs New Zealand (11 hs) – Monday 25 vs New Zealand (11 hours) – Wednesday 27 vs Korea (hs to be confirmed) – Thursday 28 vs Korea (16 hours) – Saturday 30 vs Germany (11 hours) – Sunday 31 vs Germany (11 hours)
** This game will be played at Club Lomas (Note: we were told that the Junior Teams will play before and the ticket will be free)
Friendly agenda for Los Leones: – Saturday 23 vs Ireland (hs to be confirmed) – Monday 25 vs Ireland (hs to be confirmed)

Media: Hockey top club UHC faces bankruptcy

The UHC: Top class in hockey, but soon insolvent?

Image result for hockey top clubThe traditional Hamburg club Uhlenhorster HC is apparently threatened by bankruptcy. This was reported by the “Hamburger Abendblatt” on Wednesday. The reason for the imminent financial Ko the multiple hockey European Cup winner, who also leads a successful tennis division, according to the newspaper a claim of the German pension insurance (DRV) in the amount of 245,000 euros. Specifically, it is about unredeemed contributions from club coaches. “The request to pay the amount may arrive in the next few days,” quoted the “Abendblatt” President Horst Müller-Wieland from a letter to the members: “We would then be over-indebted and insolvent and insolvent in good German! to put it so blatantly to the point. “

Rescue operation: Members should help

Against the decision of the DRV, which provides for payments in the area of ​​pension, unemployment and health insurance for the years 2012 to 2018, the UHC filed an objection according to the report and requested suspension of enforcement. Nevertheless, Müller-Wieland would like to ask for financial support at the general meeting on 30 November. 199 euros should accordingly pay each active member, families with more than one child with a maximum of 600 € will be charged. “The request to support this joint rescue operation is very difficult for us, but it is without alternative,” wrote the 63-year-old.