Friday, July 19, 2019

Huge draw of the Lions

With an outstanding performance, Argentina completed the third date of the Six Nations of Valencia and rescued an important draw in the fight for the title.

With three goals of short, executed by Gonzalo Peillat, and an annotation of Lucas Rossi, the national selected one tied before Germany, number 3 of the world and bichampion Olympic.
With this result, those led by Carlos Retegui accumulate seven units, as does Germany. Tomorrow there will be a rest day at the Estadio Virgen del Carmen Beteró, so Los Leones will compete again on Saturday, against India (9 am), while on Sunday they will close their participation against New Zealand, starting at 9 am. All matches can be viewed through
Germany was the one that gave the first blow, thanks to the annotation of Tom Grambusch (9 ‘), but on the closing Gonzalo Peillat equaled transitorily. In the second quarter the process of the game was matched in terms of the possession of the ball, and while the Europeans were those who came forward again on the scoreboard, Lucas Rossi, with a backhand shot, returned to match the result seconds later. go to rest.
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In the complement none of the two teams lowered the intensity. Averaging the 35 minutes, Moritz Furste stretched the difference, but three minutes later, again through Peillat, the match was matched. In spite of the Argentine attempts to avoid errors in the semicircle, in the absence of a minute to close the third period, those led by Valentin Altenburg had a new fixed play, through which they put 4 to 3.
During the last stage, Argentina looked for the tie and found it. The way of the short corner was the one that allowed him to put to shot and to seal the 4 to 4. Although the bicampeón Olympic pressured in the final minutes, the result was not modified.
It is worth remembering that these games are played in the framework of the last international tour that the national team will perform before competing in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (next August). After the contest that takes place in Valencia, Retegui must confirm the 16 names that will be part of the Olympic event, in which Los Leones will seek to get on the podium for the first time in history.
Argentina formed with: Juan Manuel Vivaldi, Juan Ignacio Gillardi, Pedro Ibarra, Gonzalo Peillat, Ignacio Ortiz, Matías Rey, Lucas Rossi, Juan Martin Lopez, Agustín Mazzilli, Facundo Callioni and Matías Paredes. Then they entered: Luca Masso, Juan Ignacio Saladino, Isidoro Ibarra, Felipe Oleastro, Lucas Rey and Joaquín Menini.
In the run-up to the Olympic Games that will take place in Rio de Janeiro between August 5 and 21, Las Leonas will play a total of seven friendly matches to continue adding international shooting. Thus, the agenda includes three crosses against South Korea, and two against New Zealand and Germany, respectively.
It is to emphasize that on Monday, July 25, the inauguration of the new Synthetic of CeNARD will take place, thanks to the work of the Secretariat of Sports of the Nation and the ENARD, it was arranged the placement of a folder of synthetic turf. In this way, our selected will make the final set-up for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in a field similar to the one they will find in Brazil.
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The Lions, who are currently competing in the Six Nations tournament in Valencia, have scheduled two friendlies against Ireland, on 23 and 25 with schedule to be confirmed.
Next Monday, Gabriel Minadeo will have to designate the 16 players who will go for the dream of the first Olympic gold medal in the history of Argentine field hockey, while Carlos Retegui will do the same on the return of Spain.
Las Leonas friendly schedule: – Saturday 23 vs Korea (16 hours) ** – Sunday 24 vs New Zealand (11 hs) – Monday 25 vs New Zealand (11 hours) – Wednesday 27 vs Korea (hs to be confirmed) – Thursday 28 vs Korea (16 hours) – Saturday 30 vs Germany (11 hours) – Sunday 31 vs Germany (11 hours)
** This game will be played at Club Lomas (Note: we were told that the Junior Teams will play before and the ticket will be free)
Friendly agenda for Los Leones: – Saturday 23 vs Ireland (hs to be confirmed) – Monday 25 vs Ireland (hs to be confirmed)

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