Increase or decrease your personal loan limit

Many people wonder whether it is possible to increase or decrease the limit in the event of a personal loan.

We can immediately drop in with the door: This is usually possible but your application will first be assessed. You can read more about increasing or decreasing your limit on this page.

Limit increase personal loan, how does that work exactly?

Image result for Increase or decrease your personal loan limitYou can not change your personal loan limit with all lenders. That is why it is also important to pay attention to the loan conditions when taking out a loan! With a revolving credit, it is often possible to increase your withdrawal limit with all lenders. If it is possible to increase your credit limit of your personal loan with a provider, the lender will draw up a new contract. In that case, you must request a new loan offer. The lender will review your application and will then come up with an offer.

Increase loan

Your old personal loan is actually being processed in a new loan. There are a few things that you should take into account. For example, interest rates and monthly repayments will probably be higher. Your expenses will therefore increase monthly.

Limit your personal loan limit

Just as with increasing your loan limit, it is possible for some providers (not always!) To lower your limit. In that case you also enter into a new agreement and you will have to take out a new loan. You must take into account that a lower interest rate often also includes a different interest rate.


Personal loans are often more sensible

Instead of raising or lowering your limit with the same provider, it is often cheaper to place your current loan with another loan provider. It is best to switch when the loan rate is low. Note: Most personal loans can not be paid without penalty. After all, you have made an appointment with the provider of the credit. When you transfer your personal loan to another provider, your current lender misses income. This loss of income must be compensated. You will probably have to pay transfer costs. If you transfer to another provider, you will redeem your old personal loan early with the money from the new loan.

Increase personal loan for lower interest rates

Borrowing money, costs money. That makes sense. But sometimes it can be rewarding to increase a limit on a personal loan or to take out a new, larger personal loan. Despite that, in that case you (usually) have to pay a penalty interest. The penalty interest is a maximum of 1% of the loan. The higher the loan amount, the lower the interest is usually.