Friday, July 19, 2019

Media: Hockey top club UHC faces bankruptcy

The UHC: Top class in hockey, but soon insolvent?

Image result for hockey top clubThe traditional Hamburg club Uhlenhorster HC is apparently threatened by bankruptcy. This was reported by the “Hamburger Abendblatt” on Wednesday. The reason for the imminent financial Ko the multiple hockey European Cup winner, who also leads a successful tennis division, according to the newspaper a claim of the German pension insurance (DRV) in the amount of 245,000 euros. Specifically, it is about unredeemed contributions from club coaches. “The request to pay the amount may arrive in the next few days,” quoted the “Abendblatt” President Horst Müller-Wieland from a letter to the members: “We would then be over-indebted and insolvent and insolvent in good German! to put it so blatantly to the point. “

Rescue operation: Members should help

Against the decision of the DRV, which provides for payments in the area of ​​pension, unemployment and health insurance for the years 2012 to 2018, the UHC filed an objection according to the report and requested suspension of enforcement. Nevertheless, Müller-Wieland would like to ask for financial support at the general meeting on 30 November. 199 euros should accordingly pay each active member, families with more than one child with a maximum of 600 € will be charged. “The request to support this joint rescue operation is very difficult for us, but it is without alternative,” wrote the 63-year-old.



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