The green loan for energy saving measures

On this page we will again inform you about the green loan. This is a credit that you can take out to take environmentally friendly and / or sustainable measures for your home. You can think of investing in solar panels for the generation of your own energy. Or to home insulation.

Benefits of taking out a green loan

Image result for green loanClosing a green loan so that you can take energy-saving and insulating measures does indeed have advantages. Not only can you save money almost immediately because you have lower energy costs, it also provides environmental benefits. You may also increase the living enjoyment and your home will become more valuable. But taking out a green loan instead of a regular loan (for example a personal loan) has another big advantage. The advantage is that you can probably borrow with a much more favorable interest rate.

Higher interest rate green loans

A renovation usually costs a lot of money. Of course you can start saving. But the question is whether that is so wise. Perhaps you still have to save many years before you can finally install solar panels or take insulating measures. Meanwhile, the energy meter continues to tick … Sometimes it is cheaper to borrow money for a green renovation. The green loan can offer a solution. With many Belgian banks and lenders you can go for a green financing solution. A big advantage of such a loan is that you can usually borrow at a much more favorable interest rate! At the moment, the green loan in Belgium has one of the lowest interest rates compared to other credit types. The average cost percentage is between 2 and 3%. Of course, borrowing always costs money, but if you can generate your own energy and / or apply house insulation, then you have earned back this investment in a few years!

Subsidy or not?

Not so long ago, people in Belgium were still entitled to subsidies for environmentally friendly renovations. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Still, it still pays to take out a green loan instead of a regular loan! Banks still use a kind of interest discount for this type of credit.

Applications green credit:

  • Placing solar panels
  • Construction of a green roof
  • Placement of glazing with high efficiency
  • Housing insulation
  • System for water heating (hot water pump)

Green loan and renovation loan almost the same loans

Image result for green loanWhat is the difference between a green loan and a renovation loan? This type of loan has many similarities. Only the spending goal differs. You can see this in the interest rate. Other terms are often used for green loans. One bank calls this type of credit an energy credit, while another bank would prefer to advertise the terms ecowloon loan or heating loan.


Compare pays off!

We strongly recommend that you compare green loans before you decide. Compare not only on the basis of interest rates, but also pay attention to the possibilities that lenders offer or do not offer.