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The Lionesses could not retaliate

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Argentina lost yesterday by 1-0 against their pair of the United States.

With a goal by Taylor detour, the USA again came out victorious of the American duel.
The Lionesses were erratic during most of the game, both in receptions and passes. United States once again took advantage of the Argentine error to take advantage with a diagonal ball that Taylor managed to put away from the reach of the national archer, Florencia Mutio, of very good work.
Those directed by Retegui suffered the lack of continuity provoked by the rival. With a surrounded Aymar and the lack of fortune, the girls could not level the score.
There were several clear chances for ours that on the end of the match deserved equality. Rebecchi over the crossbar after a great pass from Sruoga, Cavallero alone against the goal and D’Elía with a great feint in the short, had the chance to convert. Once again, Argentina could not take advantage of short opportunities to define things.
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USA played a well-known letter: uncomfortable and take advantage of them without proposing more. Pressed until the goal and withdrew complicating the national arrival.
It was Macarena Rodriguez who with a deployment from end to end and great security, took for us the prize for the best player on the court.
Argentina could not shake the ghost of the Pan American during much of the meeting and somehow the US grew not only in muscles, but in the belief that it could win. In short, the scoreboard was simply the result of his conviction.
Now Retegui will adjust what is necessary for the match against New Zealand, leader of the group. For the players, it will be time to leave this game behind and focus on the points to play. The dream is intact and you have to go for it!
Come on, Leonas! Let’s go Argentina!

The Lionesses face today at 3:00 pm in our country versus the United States. The team will seek their second three points and collect the medal lost in the Pan American final against that same rival.

Argentina will initially form with the same eleven as in its debut. Thus the Leonas will enter the court with Mutio, Scarone, D’Elia, Barrionuevo, Jose Sruoga, Aymar, Sanchez, Rodriguez, Dani Sruoga, Rebecchi and Merino.

The detail: the girls will premiere the controversial violet and fuchsia shirt. How will it look on the court?

The Australian Ashton Lucy and the French Adenot will referee this meeting.

Come on, Leonas! Come on, Carajoooo Argentina!

Image result for Lucas CammareriAfter the defeat against Great Britain, Hockey Delivery talked last night with Lucas Cammareri , who told us his feelings about the game, what is coming and more. Thanks Lucas!

HD: What analysis do you make of the game? Lucas: The match got complicated because they put a lot of pressure on us and it was hard for us to have the ball. They had a lot of possession and that took us longer than expected. We did not find associating in attack and the truth that we generate few situations. When they found the second goal, the game was very comfortable because they started to play more calmly and we started to want to reverse it leaving many spaces that they took advantage of very well. We are not satisfied with the defeat or with the form, but we know that we have the tools to reverse it.

HD: How do you reverse the mental stumble of the beginning to face what follows? Lucas: Today at night everyone will do his self-criticism, he will go to rest sad for this defeat, but tomorrow we are already thinking about Pakistan, which is a key match !! We were very excited to start winning but we played against a very good team that beat us and this is just beginning! In Malaysia we started losing the first two games and then we ended up playing the final … We have that cool memory so we are whole!

HD: What were you thinking when you stepped on the court and the anthem sounded? Lucas: Enough things … You enjoy everything that surrounds the game; from the trip in micro, to the costumes, the warm-up … and the part of the hymn is the part that you remember of everything you did to get there and the people who did something to get you there.

HD: What must be done to beat Pakistan? Lucas: We have to improve with the ball. We are the first to know that we do not play well. But mainly we have to let go, do what we train and trust the players we have.

HD: Let’s move on to something more trivial. With so many famous sportsmen spinning around, who turned out to be the coolest team? Lucas: I’m not going to burn it. If you want I give you a clue …. he is an archer and today he did not stop.

HD: The last Lucas, a wish for these games? Lucas: Desires are always ambitious. But I do not go further. Today I want to win the next match!

HD: Thanks Lucas! And to continue believing that this is just beginning! Lucas: Thanks for the support. The truth is that it was a hard blow, but we are going to get up !!


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