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Those convened for South Africa are …

With the return of several world champions, Argentina will play five games on the African continent between December 9 and 19 . The players cited for the Test Match.
Little by little, the team led by Carlos Retegui returns to international activity after winning the World Cup in Rosario. And just two weeks after the friendly series played in Italy, in which the Argentines added five victories against the locals, the first national team will leave for Africa to dispute a new commitment outside the country.

In addition to the goalkeepers Laura Aladro and Belén Succi, who after obtaining the World Cup in Rosario returned to wear the national shirt in Rome, seven other world champion Leonas will make their return to international activity in the Test Match against South Africa. They are Noel Barrionuevo, Mariela Scarone, Macarena Rodríguez, Rosairo Luchetti, Daniela Sruoga, Silvina D’Elía and Giselle Kañevsky.

On the other hand, nine other players who participated in the five victories against Italy will be taken into account again by the national coaching staff for the series of five games against the South Africans in the city of Bloemfontein. Carla Dupuy, Natalia Del Frari, Marcela Casale, Maria Josefina Sruoga, Ana Lopez Basavilbaso, Sofia Maccari, Martina Cavallero, Victoria Granatto and Jimena Cedrés will continue to add experience. Julieta Alonso, a player of Club Banco Nación, was also quoted, who for the first time will travel abroad representing Argentina.

In the Era Retegui, this will be the second time that Las Leonas will play in South African lands. In June 2009 played the Spar Cup, where they beat the locals by 8 to 1 in a previous friendly and 3 to 1 during the contest. It is worth remembering that they also met in Rosario, in the debut of Argentina in the World Cup (victory by 5 to 2)

The five Test Match
12/12/10 South Africa-The Lionesses
13/12/10 South Africa-The Lionesses
12/15/10 South Africa-The Lionesses
12/16/10 South Africa-The Lionesses
12/17/10 South Africa-The Lionesses

Argentine Delegation – Players
Belén Succi María Laura Aladro Noel Barrionuevo Mariela Scarone Macarena Rodríguez Rosario Luchetti Daniela Lucia Súoga María Silvina D’Elía Giselle Kañevsky Carla Dupuy Natalia Del Frari Marcela Casale María Josefina Sruoga Ana López Basavilbaso Sofía Maccari Martina Cavallero Victoria Granatto Jimena Cedrés Julieta Alonso

Technical staff Coach: Carlos Retegui , Technical assistant: Santiago Capurro , Kinesiologist: Sergio Lemos, Physical trainer: Eduardo Pesci , Doctor: Domingo Usin , Video operator: Rolando Rivero , Chair of delegation: Sandra Isola. in 23:36

The Rabbis managed to fulfill the first objective: to access the playoffs and they were very hopeful to play the final with GEBA. The good performance of the directed by Luis Ciancia on the end of the championship anticipated a protagonist Lomas. However, the girls from the south received a bucket of cold water before a Saint Catherine’s who knew how to read the game.

In dialogue with Info Region, the referent of the campus Lorena Galván made an analysis of the year of The Rabbits and remarked that the team had a great start and a good comeback on the end of the regular stage. In addition, he highlighted the “growth” of the youngest.

“We closed the tournament with a bitter taste, but it helped us grow as a team. We started well, then we had a downturn in the middle and the second round was very positive, in which we found the style of play and we began to shape ourselves to be in the fight, but we were left empty-handed, “remarked the historic defender.

He added: “Despite everything, we must find the positive side of the present. While we wanted to be there, in the final, the tournament was over for us, the highlight is that we evolved as a team. ”

The Rabbits had several changes when they started the tournament of the First ‘A’, some youth who joined, other references that left the campus and another group that came from the ‘B’ campus. Little by little they were understanding and demonstrating on the field that Lomas was for more.

The group fought him and fought him to the end. But, Santa Cata was superior, he knew how to study the rival plan and reacted with that information in his hands. Lomas was a stranger, he could not unbalance or arm himself to fight the ball to the opponent.

“We were confident to face this second part because of how good we came, but the team that was smarter and knew how to take advantage of opportunities on time took the points. They deserved the triumph and they left it, “he said.

The older ones took on the reality in a different way and transmitted the breath to the younger ones. “This championship allowed them to grow as players, and they have to be calm because they left everything behind. In addition, Lomas is a big one and will play a thousand more finals, we are in a stage of growth and later the results will be seen.

After the 2-0 defeat against Santa Cata, the girls of Lomas were free and on vacation. Although they will continue with the classic individual routine, they will only be reunited in February for the beginning of the preseason.

While Las Leonas are contesting the Test Match series in South Africa, the group working towards London 2012 will play friendly matches at CENARD.

Between 15 and 19 December , the group of players working towards the London 2012 Olympic Games in the so-called Projection Group will play a series of five games against the Chilean team at CENARD.

It is worth remembering that it will be the second time in which the Chilean team visits the country this season, because it already did it in March, when a Four Nations Championship was played in Cordoba, where the United States and Belgium also competed. The cross between both selected ended with a national victory by 4 to 0, with goals from Delfina Merino, Carla Rebecchi and Rosario Luchetti (2).

Friendly agenda

12/15/10 6:00 PM Argentina-Chile
12/16/10 4:00 PM Argentina-Chile
12/18/10 4:00 PM Argentina-Chile

12/19/10 09.30 Argentina-Chile 

After the tour of Europe, the first national team and the Projection Group will play a series of friendly matches at CENARD between December 13 and 19.

Just weeks after the tour of the Old Continent, where they faced Great Britain and Belgium, the Men’s Team led by Pablo Lombi will play four games against the first team in the United States. While the Projection Group, which works towards the next London Olympics 2010, will play two games against Chile. The last crossing between North Americans and Argentines took place in the Premundial organized in Quilmes in 2009.

In the first phase, those led by Pablo Lombi thrashed 6-2 with goals from Lucas Vila, Lucas Rey, Pedro Ibarra, Lucas Rossi, Manuel Brunet and Mario Almada. On the side of Chile, the clashes are more recent because in June the trans-Andean group visited the country. On that occasion, they played three times, with three Argentine victories (2-1, 6-3 and 1-0).

Friendly agenda

12/13/10 11.00 Argentina-USA
12/14/10 6:00 PM Argentina-USA
12/16/10 11.00 Chile-USA
12/18/10 11.30 Argentina-USA
18.00 Argentina Screening-Chile
12/19/10 11.30 Argentina-USA

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