Thursday, August 22, 2019

With the right foot and some surprise the Lionesses tore this World Cup 2018.

It was a thumping versus Spain 6-2 with goals from Jankunas, Albertario, Ortiz twice, Merino and Barrionuevo penalty.

Spain had promised to attack Argentina of movement and managed to surprise the Leonas to get 1-0 with a rebound taken by Salvatella just three minutes from the start of the match. The ideal time to discover if this team, a mixture of experienced and experienced, would recover from an adverse start. A resounding: YES.

By joint work, strength and a clear idea of ​​the tactics, Argentina was able to overcome not only the impact of the goal but the defensive mistakes that gave Spain control of the first quarter.

He threw the cordovan Jankunas in the third short of Argentina to nail the tie high that would return things to zero sheets. Or maybe not … because that goal marked the rebound of those led by Corradini.

The 2-1 was a great goal. Paula Ortiz took the ball. I level the area. Turn. And he nailed her in the corner! “I thought she was leaving and when I saw she started to go down I could not believe it” Pali told us after the meeting (listen to the note with her and other players on our YouTube channel)

Perhaps inspired by the smallest of the group, Albertario also launched his head to connect the center of Merino and by 3-1 (although officially the FIH gave it to Sánchez as we can see in the virtual spreadsheet). Almost a sentence for those in red.
Ortiz and a touch to put another Merino center put things 4-1. One minute of the third quarter was enough for the # 12 of the Leonas could scream his goal. He passed the line in slow motion, so much that there was even video umpire. So Merino put the 5-1 to Argentina.

When it seemed that there would be no more goals, thrown in speed Albertario and Merino arrived with a two-one that ended in a penalty. Noel Barrionuevo got the half dozen for the Leonas converting between the legs of an archer that seemed to move earlier to the place chosen by the Argentine goal-scorer. In minute 49 came the second goal of an opponent that, nobility obliges, never lowered his arms and tried to be faithful to his proposal. Perez thus takes his first conquest in the tournament. With Argentina attacking, the siren of the end of the match sounded.

To correct: technical issues in the defensive quites. To highlight: the team work that allowed “ALL TO BE ONE” to paraphrase the slogan installed by the girls for this World Cup.

Germany is coming on Wednesday the 25th at 11am in our country. We will be on the court, here at the Lee Valley Tennis & Hockey Center in London, doing the stamina to the Lionesses and taking you “All the HOCKEY where you are”

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